Portable outdoor karaoke live speaker



double eight inch/TL8025

Host functions

1. Equipped with a wireless microphone, using a 18650 lithium rechargeable battery, charged through the TYPE-C port. The microphone has automatic shutdown and battery capacity
Insufficient prompt function, using U-band, frequency range 510M-550M, channel 80CH authentication, and frequency error function in case of interference
2. CSR Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth 5.0 (playing music+phone app tuning)
3. Digital live streaming function:Mobile phones use OTG cables to connect to the type-c port for mainstream short video app digital live streaming
4. USB drive playback
5. High fidelity music, surround sound effect, adaptive noise reduction, independent microphone music balance, feedback suppression, reverberation, echo, and other functions

Dual 8-inch speakers
25 core neodymium magnet,
Speaker power: 2x57W, distortion: 0.01+N, voltage: 24V, 4 ohms
BTL stereo output

Display the battery level for long-lasting battery life


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